A note from the Head Bitch in Charge, Kimmie Spice

We have great food. It’s not fancy, but it’s homemade, filling and well-priced. It’s food for everyday people. But I don’t think that’s the biggest reason for our success.

When I bought the Caffe Lieto I vowed that no customer would ever enter my business and feel the “Seattle Freeze” like I did when I first moved here. Any business that is as close to Pike Place Market as us is sure to have a flood of tourists in the summertime. I want to make sure those tourists remember their incredible experience, tell their friends about us, like us on Facebook, Tweet, Instagram and Yelp about us- then come back to see us again on their next trip to Seattle. I also want to be sure we build real relationships with our locals, that we know more about them than just their order. That they feel this is their place and they are cherished here.

I recreated that feeling of southern hospitality by showing my staff how good it feels to treat all our guests as if they are family. A place where locals mingle with tourists and nobody feels uncomfortable asking for directions to the Space Needle. A place where you can get a kick-ass local espresso and order a comforting meal while getting to say the word “bitch” over and over… and over. Don’t worry if your face turns red, we might tease you a bit, but we’ll laugh with you! Our music will be upbeat and usually oldies, motown or southern rock because we’re a little bit trailer trash too. But even if there’s a long line you can watch our staff dance to the beat in our tiny kitchen all the while flipping your eggs and calling out the orders. The ambiance is kitschy- the energy palpable. This is a place to put a smile on your face, because even if it’s not, it feels like it could easily be home.

This is Biscuit Bitch. Y’all come on by and see for yourself.